Wiseman Concept

Wiseman Concept


The Wiseman Concept was founded by Willem Botha, a very ordinary man living in South Africa that faced challenges daily just like everybody else.  A humble man, he was like other ordinary people, pondering ordinary matters, philosophies and concepts, until his life changed in the late 1990′s, he then designed a “Telescopic Calculator” that enables the normal person to think out of the box, saving them thousands on their houses and cars etc.

Willem Botha does not have to share his knowledge with the world, but he is doing so because the world needs this solution right now.  World economies are suffering and he believes it can be stopped and reversed.  The world can be a better place if it is economically active and people have the ability to help themselves and others in any economy.  The Wiseman Concept has the potential to do this.  Ultimately the entire world will do business the Wiseman way because it is sustainable, logical and cannot collapse the way the global monetary system is tending toward.  Everybody is invited to be a part of the new consumer model that will co-exist with the old as long as it takes to become mainstream.

Wiseman – one day all transactions will be done this way!

​The Wiseman Concept is new, yet old. Innovative, yet common sense. Using your own bank and your own attorneys and not relinquishing any of your hard-earned money, it is now possible to buy without paying out of your pocket for the items you desire. This is the only risk free financing strategy that leaves you in a better state after the transaction than before, without you having to increase your budget and with a guaranteed plan to settle your mortgage within 7 years.  This is not debt consolidation. Debt consolidation is bad news, creating a downward spiral which traps ordinary people into a web that is almost impossible to break free from.  The Wiseman Concept can show you a way out before it is too late.  The results are guaranteed!

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Mobile: 079 215 6849 (sms)

Fax: 086 606 4917

E-mail: info@wisemanconcept.net


Phone: 079 215 6849
Fax: 086 606 4917

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Buffalo Trader - exclusive marketing platform for Buffalo Breeders of South Africa

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13-03-2017 09:19AM

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Wiseman Concept

Wiseman offers deals and opportunities in all areas imaginable. Search for the item / product / service in the search bar or browse through the list below.

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